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Solar Heating & Hot Water: What Is A Solar Heat Pump?

Solar heat pumps are at the cutting edge of home and hot water heating technology. Traditional solar thermal heating systems are highly efficient (up to 70% more efficient that solar P.V. panels), but they cannot collect energy at night, when heat is needed most. Solar heat pumps are hybrids, combining the clean, cost-effective energy of a solar thermal heating system with the raw efficiency of a heat pump. The result is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, a primary heating system that does not require any other heat source to comfortably heat a home. Solar heat pumps operate 24 hours a day, collecting and storing solar energy during the day and supplementing this energy with heat collected by the heat pump at night. More efficient than any heat pump or traditional solar thermal heating system, solar heat pumps are the future of clean, cost-effective solar heating.

Solar Heat Pumps are the natural evolution of solar thermal heating. Capable of operating day and night, solar heat pumps are a breakthrough in the world of solar heating. 

What Makes Solar Heat Pumps Different?

  • 24 hour Operation: Solar heat pumps not only heat buildings day and night, they collect energy around the clock too. Solar heat pumps are primary heat sources – homes and buildings need no other heating system.
  • Cost-Effective: Solar heat pumps are highly efficient, which means they offer considerable savings when compared to traditional heating systems. Solar heat pumps can pay for themselves in just a few years and last for decades, and with only a couple of moving parts, maintenance is minimal.
  • Comfortable: Because solar heat pumps heat water, they are perfectly suited to being combined with some of the most comfortable heat distribution systems available. A solar heat pump combined with radiant floor heating will leave a home more comfortable than ever before.
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